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Released on: November 27, 2012, 3:34 pm
Industry: Electronics

-- /EPR NETWORK/ -- The electrical fan hand dryer has become a standard piece of equipment in most public bathrooms and washrooms and there is an ever increasing array of products and it is very important to get the right one for the job in hand. The Electrical Counter are supplying some excellent systems from Hyco, which do a great job at a very reasonable price. There have been many discussions and surveys on the use of the hand dryer and comparisons are still made between using paper towels or a mechanised dryer in order to dry people’s hands in public places. The good and bad parts of the hand dryer usage are wrapped in a few main areas. The first is a cost item as a busy washroom can use a mammoth amount of paper towels in a day and these cost thousands of pounds a year as people tend to use them wastefully and abundantly and the overall cost of a Hyco hand dryer from Electrical Counter is very much lower with costs in the region of £15 per annum and there are some great reductions in the purchase price with some of the best of today’s offers.

This reduction in cost makes the Hyco hand dryer unit invaluable. In terms of the environment studies base the use of paper towels and hand dryers as being roughly comparable with each other which sounds surprising at the start but towels are easily made from replaceable sources and do decay when used or can be recycled and electrical energy is quite high for the drying process. In terms of hygiene the paper towel is still slightly better as the hand dryer tends to blow the germs around rather than be wiped off with the towel. The discussion on this topic goes on but it is generally viewed that this is still small in comparison with the cost advantages and the cleanliness that the system brings to a washroom rather than the paper towel chase across the washroom floor. Electrical Counter have aimed to choose the best units which not only do the job but look good and are compact enough not to take over the washroom and that these units will reduce the costs of the initial spend and also provide the best and safest hand dryers that are available.

One of the newer hand dryer systems is the Hyco Jetstream system which counteracts most of the problems mentioned above by using a concentrated Jetstream of air at a velocity of some 250 miles per hour which dries the hands within 10 seconds, the hands can be seen by the introduction of an LED lighting system that illuminates the hands. This results in a very low energy usage from a low 1.5 Kw heater and the use of a very short working time. It is this short time that reduces bacteria spread and keeps the environmental consideration to a very low level and the cost savings over the paper towel or the cloth laundered towel systems are exceptionally good. Electrical Counter will advise on which system will give both the cheapest operation and the least environmental or hygiene considerations.

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