LINCOLN CAPITAL PARTNERS’s Pro-Investools® Launches New Curriculum

Released on: October 09, 2012, 1:28 pm
Industry: Financial

Pro-Investools® Teaches Investors How to Respond to Any Market

-- /EPR NETWORK/ -- Markets demand disciplined and informed investing. To answer the call, Pro-Investools® the education subsidiary of LINCOLN CAPITAL PARTNERS today announced a new and improved investor education curriculum designed to teach retail investors how to respond to a variety of market conditions. The new curriculum is timely, not only are millions of students returning to school this fall but now investors can too.

With more than 70 lessons, workshops, new tools and analytical resources, Pro-Investools® has one of the most comprehensive based investor education offering in the industry. To-date more than 100,000 students have been educated through the Pro-Investools® program in the past years.

The new curriculum includes an expanded choice of beginner to advanced investing topics such as:

•  Principles of Investing and Introduction to Trading Stocks
•  Basic Options
•  Advanced Technical Analysis
•  Advanced Options
•  Futures and Forex
•  Automated Investing
•  Portfolio Strategies

Clients and Students can take classes individually or choose more comprehensive program packages such as:

•  Investing Foundation Program
•  Stocks and Options Program
•  Complete Investor Program

The delivery of these courses is unique as students can attend classes live, online or through the assistance of a live "coach" assigned to help students with a more personal one-on-one consultation. Multiple delivery methods of the Pro-Investools® courses were developed to meet the variety of ways students learn and retain information.

"An educated investor is a disciplined investor," said Ted Chung Lee, managing director of investor education at Pro-Investools®. "Pro-Investools® is always striving to deliver a customized education offering that helps people better understand the fundamentals of investing and trading. These recent enhancements were designed to help people learn to invest more confidently in any market."

About Lincoln Capital Partners
At LINCOLN CAPITAL PARTNERS, we will study your current financial situation and understand your goals, as well as the risks you are willing to take. It is true that every investment comes with a risk. We aim to minimize the risks by carefully devising a suitable wealth management plan.

Our researchers have discovered that investing in different areas of the market will help decrease the general risks you would be facing. Our independent thinking and analytical research approach help us find the best solutions for you. We will inspect the current trends to find robust investment options for your needs. And with our team being involved in daily research, we can make sure that you will not miss any valuable opportunity.

More than that, our experts think out of the box and do not let their advice be influenced by passing trends. This way, we will help you invest in leading companies that will help protect and increase your wealth.


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